The Industry's Best, Most Reliable Voice Hosting Network

Pure Voice has been a trusted leader since 2003 to deliver the mission-critical voice hosting our clients need to gain ultimate success time and time again. Whether you're an avid gamer or doing business, we recognize that downtime is not an option for you or your users. Pure Voice invests heavily in our hardware, network, and facilities to ensure that service is up and running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and you guessed it... 365 days a year. Guarunteed too!

From our top tier connectivity to our industry leading hardware, our network was built entirely for rock solid and reliable voice hosting.
Official Pure Voice Network Test Servers

Connect to some of our test servers below in a location that works best for you. Test servers are available in all of our locations for Ventrilo, TeamSpeak 3, and Mumble. Test servers are for testing purposes only and are free of charge to connect to. After 10 minutes of being connected, you will be kicked to allow room for other users.

Still Have Questions? No Problem!

We have nothing to hide. We're here to answer any in-depth questions you may have about our hardware, security, network, and/or locations. Head over to our Contact Us page or open a a ticket via your My.PV Ticket Console and fire your questions away!